What Happened to Ava the Elephant After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Ava the Elephant?

Ava the Elephant is the only talking medicine dispenser that aids in dispensing the entire pharmaceutical dosage on the first attempt and makes taking drugs pleasurable for youngsters by offering positive reinforcement.

Fill the included dropper with the required medication and insert the stopper into Ava’s rear aperture.

Who is Ava the Elephant’s Founder?

Tiffany Krumins worked as a babysitter before launching Ava the Elephant. Tiffany currently presents the Product Genius podcast and works as a business coach and consultant with aspiring mompreneurs.

Tiffany Krumins came up with the idea for Ava the Elephant while caring for a tiny kid.

She observed that when she delivered the boy’s medication, he grew irritated, making the encounter unpleasant for both of them.

Tiffany reasoned that if she could simply divert his attention for a minute longer, she could easily inject those few drops of medicine.

Her solution: a singing elephant with a hidden pharmaceutical dropper in its snout.

What happened to Ava the Elephant During the Shark Tank pitch?

Krumins entered Shark Tank season 1 episode 1 in quest of a $50,000 investment in exchange for 15% ownership of his company. This translates to a $333,333.33 valuation.

Krumins outlines the concept behind her AVA the Elephant product and demonstrates how it works, all while referencing her experience babysitting Gibby.

The Sharks appear to be paying notice, but their misgivings are palpable. Krumins gives prototypes to Sharks.

Kevin O’Leary immediately expressed his concern about the kid learning Ava the Elephant gives bad-tasting medication, rendering it useless.

Krumins declines, citing her long-standing friendship with Gibby, who previously loathed taking his medicines.

Kevin Harrington wants to know if she has filed any patents on the product.

Krumins states that she is still in the early stages of research and has not yet pursued manufacturing or patents, but she has undertaken a patent search to ensure that her concept is not a replica of the an existing product. Sharks are obviously terrified.

Daymond John inquires as to why she requires the investment. Krumins plans to secure a patent and create a working prototype as her next steps.

“This is a notion, not a business,” O’Leary assures her. It’s clear that the Sharks are seeking for something more solid than a concept to sink their teeth into. O’Leary has resigned.

Robert Herjavec wonders if she needs finance at all, rather than a licensing agreement with a large corporation. He has left.

John also refuses to strike a bargain, arguing that he is seeking for stuff rather than ideas.

Harrington is out owing to a shortage of authentic merchandise.

Barbara Corcoran, the only surviving Shark, offers Krumins a deal: she will pay $50,000 in return for 55% of the company.

Tiffany began emphasizing Barbara’s value propositions other than money, such as mentorship and networking, which many firms were unaware of and opted to accept the offer based on.

Barbara said that they would earn a lot of money and that she would keep her promise.

What Happened to Ava the Elephant After the Shark Tank Pitch?

AVA the Elephant is a Shark Tank success story that is now available in over 10,000 retail locations nationally, including major pharmaceutical chains CVS and Walgreens.

Despite a battle with cancer, the birth of her first child, and an eight-month wait for the program to air after recording, Tiffany and Barbara have built a brand around AVA and are extending the “line” of AVA things.

Tiffany will appear in an update section on episode 415, when she will reveal her thermometer stickers and immunization program for impoverished children.

Tiffany stopped working on AVA in 2018.

Following her sickness and the delivery of three children, she chose to license the product to Baby Delight, who in March 2021 licensed it to Better Family.

She is still linked with the brand and will appear in a July 2021 ad.

What is the Net Worth Ava the Elephant?

Krumins appeared on Shark Tank in pursuit of a $50,000 investment in exchange for 15% ownership of his company. This translates to a $333,333.33 valuation.

She accepted Barbara’s $50,000 investment for a 55% interest, bringing the valuation to be 90,909.09.

Who are the Competitors of Ava the Elephant?

There is no competitors identified for Elephant Competitors.

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Ava the Elephant FAQS

What is Ava the Elephant?

Ava the Elephant is a talking/singing animated medicine dispenser designed to make medication time fun and easy for both parents and children.

Who is Ava the Elephant’s founder?

Tiffany Krumins is the company’s founder.

How much did she ask for in her Shark Tank pitch?

Ava the Elephant was looking for a $50,000 investment in exchange for 15% of her company’s stock.

How much did she get in the shark Tank?

Ava the Elephant received $50,000 in return for 55% ownership of their firm.

Did Ava the Elephant make money?

AVA the Elephant, her idea for a hilarious children’s medicine dispenser, was just a thought at the moment.

She had made no sales. She didn’t even have a finished product. After three years, her company, Elephant Lady LLC, has made $1 million in the previous 18 months.

What happen to AVA the Elephant Shark Tank?

Tiffany’s involvement with AVA came to an end in 2018. Following her sickness and the delivery of three children, she chose to license the product to Baby Delight, who licensed it to Better Family in March 2021.

She is still linked with the brand and will appear in an ad in July 2021.

Why is Ava the Elephant discontinued?

Tiffany decided that it was time to license Ava the Elephant to Baby Delight, a baby products company, after seven years in business.

Baby Delight advertised an improved version of the product for a time, but it was temporarily removed in 2019 when her license agreement with the company ended.

Is Ava the Elephant a private or a public Company?

No, Ava the Elephant is a private corporation at the moment.

Where can they buy Ava the Elephant?

Ava the Elephant is currently available at over 10,000 retail locations nationwide, including major drugstore chains such as CVS and Walgreens.

Did Ava the Elephant make money?

In 2015, Ava the Elephant earned $1 million in income.

Is Ava The Elephant Still In Business?

Ava the Elephant was sold in over 10,000 stores across the United States, including CVS, Walgreens, BabiesRUs, Walmart, and Amazon.

Ava the Elephant released her second product, the Ava the Elephant Thermometer Stickers, in 2013, which use liquid crystal technology to measure their children’s temperature when put to their forehead.

What is the net worth of Tiffany Krumins?

Tiffany Krumins has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million.

What are the strengths of Ava the Elephant?

Ava the Elephant have the power to make medicine time more joyful and simple for both parents and children.

Was Ava the Elephant successful?

AVA the Elephant was the first and most successful Shark Tank product, with over 10,000 retail placements, including major pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens.

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