What Happened to ARKEG After Shark Tank?

What is ARKEG?

ARKEG is a standard-sized antique video game cabinet that comes pre-loaded with 69 licensed ancient video games and has a fully working keg chiller and tap system.

To provide the video gaming experience, it contains a high-quality brushed aluminum cabinet and a PC-based processing system. ARKEG was founded by Brant Myers and Dan Grimm of San Luis Obispo, California.

You may even program your own games into the system. The company has been in business since 2009 and sells some of the best man-cave gear ever!

Who is the founder of ARKEG?

ARKEG was founded by Brant Myers and Dan Grimm, who met in high school in San Luis Obispo, California, and became close friends.

In college, the friends shared a room and spent much of their spare time combining their enthusiasm for gaming with another of their favorite pastimes, drinking beer.

Brant got the wonderful idea, maybe after a particularly long drinking session, of combining their arcade machine with their Kegerator to create a whole new and exciting product, which he christened The ARKEG.

Brant created the concept for ARKEG, but it required both him and Dan to make it a reality. Dan works as an industrial designer, so he was able to transform Brant’s wacky notion into a real product.

Brant was determined to make his idea a reality, even taking out a mortgage on his house to finance the first 50 homes.

What Happened to ARKEG at Shark Tank Pitch?

ARKEG brings together two pleasurable pastimes: video games and beer! This Shark Tank episode 412 entrant’s entrepreneurs. They are looking for a Shark to help them raise revenue for inventory.

Brant Myers and Dan Grimm entered the Shark Tank in seeking of $100,000 investment in exchange for a 33% stake in their company, which worth $303,030.

They’ve known each other for 22 years and have been drinking beer and playing video games since they were teens.

The ARKEG combines the two delights by including a “Kegerator” and a video game. Mark Cuban has been let go. “He just doesn’t see it,” he says as he exits.

Lori Greiner regards the product as a “gimmick.” She also exits. According to Robert Herjavec, the notion has arrived too late. He goes out.

Daymond John agrees, referring to it as a “dinosaur,” and he goes out too.

Kevin O’Leary was the last Shark remaining, and despite loving the wine poured from the ARKEG, he’s out.

Finally, the two companions walked away from the pitch without a deal.

What Happened to ARKEG After Shark Tank?

After the two friends left the pitch without a deal, they tried to market their business. Despite the fact that the childhood friends had a prosperous run, a May 2015 post on their Facebook page indicates that the company is for sale.

The deal includes “8 ARKEG units,” as well as the website and business. It appears to have been a product of its time, and the Sharks were smart to reject this antiquated notion.

If they can design a portable gadget that downloads wine, they might be able to land a Shark contract, but the ARKEG is simply too bulky and clunky for today’s player.

They must have sold the business. As of November 2021, the product is currently available for $4000 on Uncrate.com.

ARKEG’s Competitors

ARKEG competed with Nintendo and SEGA in the global business market.

ARKEG’s Net Worth

The firm value was $303,030 during and after the pitch; however, the company has since gone out of business, therefore the company net worth is unavailable.

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How was ARKEG work?

When users turn on the ARKEG, they can play any of the 69 games that come pre-loaded onto ARKEG. The games are stored in a special memory card that contains the very same game code that was originally used to display when it was originally played in the arcade.

It doesn’t matter what era of gaming they’re playing, because all of the game codes have been converted to work on modern gaming systems.

Did ARKEG sell well?

The ARKEG is already on the market and can be purchased on Uncrate.com for $4000, which was available in November 2021.

How did ARKE get its name?

ARKEG has named after its founders, Brant Myers and Dan Grimm. They decided to use their initials to make it easy to remember.

What is ARKEG?

ARKEG is a gaming system that comes with a fully functioning Kegerator. Its stand measures 32″ tall x 20″ wide x 39″ deep, and it weighs around 185 pounds.

It was available to be purchased at $4000. They also got a wine-themed controller and a gaming headset with the purchase of one of these units.

When did ARKEG go out of business?

ARKEG went out of business in October 2015.

What is ARKEG made up of?

ARKEG was constructed with a lot of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. The unit comes with a wine-filled Kegerator, which has an integrated tap system; a temperature controlled chiller, as well as 5 biaxial carbon filters to keep the wine fresh.

Who was ARKEG founder?

ARKEG was founded by Brant Myers and Dan Grimm. They are childhood friends who became roommates at a California State University, where they came up with the idea together.

What was ARKEG warranty?

ARKEG had a 30-day warranty for all parts and labor as long as the unit is returned to them in its original packaging along with the product registration and proof of purchase.

What was ARKEG’s market?

ARKEG was manufactured by a California based company called ARKEG LLC. They wanted to bring pleasure playing video games at home to just about anyone who wanted one of their products.

What was ARKEG guarantee?

ARKEG had a 30-day warranty for all parts and labor as long as the unit is returned to them in its original packaging along with the product registration and proof of purchase.

How did ARKEG make money?

ARKEG was made with stainless steel, and a top quality grill, which replaced the conventional fan, screws, and lights so that users could have a perfectly cooked steak or burger every time.

Where can I buy ARKEG?

ARKEG is currently available on Uncrate.com for $4000. There are 8 units available at this time.

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