What Happened to Angels and Tomboys After the Shark Tank Pitch?

What is Angels and Tomboys?

Angels and Tomboys is a one-of-a-kind product created specifically for tween and teenage females. The brand sells sprays, body creams, and body washes.

Cotton Candied Apples, Deep Fried Ice Cream, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Lemonade Doughnuts, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Watermelon Unique, and Rockin’ Blue Berry are just a few of the enticing fragrances.

As evidenced by their phrase, “all girls are formed equally different,” the business is aware that there are generic female things. As a result, it mostly caters to Angels and Tomboys.

Who are the Founders of Angels and Tomboys?

Mallory and Madison Boyd developed Angels and Tomboys. After they had the idea, their mother, Viara Boyd, helped them nurture it till it became a reality.

Along with their mother, the siblings continue to run the business.

The sisters honestly illustrate that creativity is not limited by age. It can happen to anyone, regardless of age.

When the Boyd sisters launched the company, they were only teenagers. Madison was twelve, and Mallory was ten.

They were well aware of how varied ladies can be because they were sisters. The personality of the sister exemplifies the company’s motto, “Girls are different.”

Mallory favours outdoor sports and basketball, whereas Madison adores performance. The sisters realized that no product catered precisely to their needs.

The Boyd sisters presented the idea to their mother, who consented. The term “Angels and Tomboys” is attributed to the mother.

Because the two were minors (children), having their mother by their side made it easier for them to make sound legal and business decisions.

The crew was more suited to find true solutions to what tweens and adolescents seek because they were both females and teenagers.

What Happened to Angels and Tomboys at the Shark Tank Pitch?

Mallory, Madison, and Viara appeared on Shark Tank season 8 episode 4 in pursuit of $55,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in their business. This implies a $275,000 valuation.

They talk about their merchandise before showing a video of their theme song, “I Know You like the Way I Smell.”

They do a little dance before handing out samples, proclaiming that all girls are constructed equally different.

Each bottle costs $12 and is produced for $4. Even though they only provide sprays and lotions for the time being, they hope to expand to a full line of beauty products in the future.

So far, they’ve sold 5000 units for a net profit of $59,000.

Mark questioned about their profitability, but Viara assured him that they were not as profitable as they might be.

Lori claims that Target has a comparable selection for young girls.

Kevin noticed that if there was a need for these products aimed at this age group, a huge firm would be producing them right now. Viara said that they would be the first.

Mark asks if they enjoy what they do, and they say yes.

Kevin asked if they were willing to skip school for it, to which Madison replied that education was still important.

Daymond enquired as to where the things were manufactured, and Madison replied that they were manufactured at home.

When Robert asked if they were wrapping it at their kitchen table, the girls said yes. He looked to be taken aback.

When Kevin asks how they would handle a large order, Viara says that they have checked with a manufacturer and can drop the price to $1.75.

The first Shark to speak up is Robert, who says he would not buy it for his children. Kevin leaves, claiming that they have yet to prove the existence of a market.

Lori feels they did a good job, but it’s a difficult business, therefore she’s out.

Daymond says he sees himself in the girls. After speaking with Mark, they agree to invest $60,000 ($30,000 each) for 33.3 percent of the company.

The family had a quick conversation before agreeing to the agreement.

What Happened to Angels and Tomboys After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Following their presentation, the girls staged a series of “pop up shops” to promote their products. They also opened a retail store in May of 2018.

Mark, it appears, was completely ignorant of this development until the big reveal! The business also sells snacks based on the “flavours” of its smells.

Other opportunities afforded by their Shark Tank participation included being designated one of Amy Poelher’s Smart Girls and being featured in a Huffington Post news post about their Shark Tank trip.

In October of 2017, Madison and Mallory co-hosted the 2017 Freedom Student Award Student Forums.

As of February 2019, the business was still open. Surprisingly, the website is no longer operational, and social media has been quiet since the summer of 2018.

According to a May 2021 update, the Memphis plant is still operational, and the website is still operational.

What is the Net Worth of Angels and Tomboys?

Mallory, Madison, and Viara appeared on Shark Tank season 8 episode 4 in pursuit of $55,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in their business. This implies a $275,000 valuation.

They accepted a $60,000 offer from Mark and Daymond for a 33.3 % ownership, valuing it at $180,180.18.

Who are the Competitors of Angels and Tomboys?

Angels and Tomboys does not have a competition.

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Angels and Tomboys FAQS

What is Angels and Tomboys?

Angels and Tomboys is a female-oriented cosmetic product line.

They offer scent-infused sprays, lotions, and other things to tweens and teens who prefer natural odours.

Who are the founders?

Mallory and Madison Boyd co-founded the company.

How much did they want in the Shark Tank?

Mallory, Madison, and Viara were searching for a $55,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.

Did they land the agreement with the Sharks?

Mark and Daymond invested $60,000 in Angel & Tomboys for a 33.3% stake.

How much does Angels and Tomboys cost?

Each bottle cost $4 to produce. Each bottle is priced at $12.

Where do they manufacture their goods?

They created their goods at home.

Are Angels and Tomboys free of parabens?

They are devoid of parabens.

Are the components in Angels and Tomboys natural?

They are all made from natural substances.

Where Angels and Tomboys may be purchased?

Angelsandtomboys.com is the official website where they may get them. They are also available on Amazon.com.

Are they available at Walgreens?

They are not available at Walgreens.

Are Angels and Tomboys gluten-free?

They do not contain gluten.

Are they available at Target?

They are not available at Target.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Angels and Tomboys?

This cosmetic brand’s strengths include a focus on developing the greatest products for teenagers.

What are the Angels’ and Tomboys’ flaws?

The absence of a diverse range of items is one of the company’s weaknesses.

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