What Happened to Aldo Orta Jewelry After Shark Tank?

What is Aldo Orta Jewelry?

Aldo Orta Jewelry is a company that specializes in making jewelry that depicts Mexican history as well as mythical and cultural influences from throughout the world.

Precious and semiprecious stones, as well as valuable and semiprecious metals like as gold, silver, and platinum, are used to create the jewelry.

The company’s founder, Aldo Orta, is a Mexican native. He received a Fine Arts degree in Mexico before traveling to Los Angeles to attend UCLA.

In his early work, he arranged concert designs and constructed sets for film productions in Los Angeles. He was also a director of Marriott International for five years (MAR).

Who is the founder of Aldo Orta Jewelry?

Aldo Orta is the founder of the Aldo Orta Jewelry Company, which was established in Mexico. He earned a Fine Arts degree in Mexico before traveling to Los Angeles to attend UCLA.

He subsequently became interested in mythology and spirituality, and he began creating spiritual meaning and enlightenment jewelry.

In addition to jewelry, he has broadened his artistic pallet to include paintings and sculptures. Aldo’s initial collections were the Alexander the Great Collection, the Dante Collection, and The Sword Collection.

Many of his decorations were sold in shops in the United States and Mexico. In its early years, the company catered to politicians and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein, and Kim Kardashian.

The most difficult problem for him comprehends that whenever he enters into contracts, he relinquishes his rights to the originality of his ideas. Commercializing the things dilutes the unique features that his clients value.

In 2011, the company decided to seek further funding in order to distribute its products to the broader public at a fair price.

What Happened to Aldo Orta Jewelry’s Pitch on Shark Tank?

The Sharks meet Aldo Orta in episode 208, who showcases his Aldo Orta Jewelry line. Aldo Orta is looking for a Shark to help with product marketing and distribution.

Aldo Orta entered the Shark Tank seeking $180,000 for 45% stake in his company, which worth $400,000.

He mentions celebrities and political leaders among his prior clients. He hopes to bring his ideas to a more affordable market, making jewelry more accessible to the average user.

Following that, he delivers work samples, impressing the Sharks with the quality of his work. Robert Herjavec is intrigued by Orta’s design influence.

Aldo Orta says he employs a variety of ethnic emblems and legendary creatures to promote unity and celebrate life.

The Sharks were unconvinced that the high-priced designs will succeed in the broader retail market.

They want to know whether he can design a line that will sell for less than $200. “Is this popular enough that Mrs. Lipinski in Des Moines wants it?” Kevin O’Leary was perplexed.

Kevin Harrington wonders if Aldo Orta has approached any television sales companies. QVC, according to Aldo Orta, is interested in his ideas but requires a $50,000 investment. Harrington is concerned about Aldo Orta’s lack of experience in marketing to the mass market.

Kevin O’Leary feels that Aldo Orta represents the company’s value and that the investment is too risky. He exits.

Daymond In the current economic scenario, John believes that people are not purchasing jewelry. He goes out.

According to Robert Herjavec, the price point is too high for the large scale market in Middle America. He also exits.

Barbara Corcoran compliments Aldo Orta on his energy and overall attractiveness. She offers a $90,000 offer, which is half of the investment asked by Aldo Orta, with the QVC deal as a backup option. Aldo Orta had to convince one more Shark to join him.

Kevin Harrington was familiar with QVC. He was on the fence, but with Barbara Corcoran’s assistance, he contributes the remaining $90,000, bringing the total to $180,000 for 50% equity shares in the business.

Finally, Aldo Orta has struck a deal with two Sharks and has exited the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to Aldo Orta Jewelry After Shark Tank?

The deal with the Sharks was never fulfilled after the episode aired, but Orta’s jewelry and accessory business has taken off. In episode 411, an update segment praised his success.

His website now sells artwork for the home, such as sculptures and other works of art, in addition to personal jewelry. QVC also hired him as a jewelry designer.

As of January 2022, he is still making jewelry. At the moment, verifiable income figures are unavailable.

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Aldo Orta Jewelry’s Competitors

In the market, Aldo Orta Jewelry competes with San Miguel Jewelers Company.

Aldo Orta Jewelry’s Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm’s value was $400,000; however, the company is still in operation as of January 2022, therefore the company’s net worth might have been higher than that of pitch.

Aldo Orta Jewelry FAQs

What is Aldo Orta Jewelry made of?

The company carries a variety of stones, metals and other materials.

What does Aldo Orta Jewelry do?

The company was established to help consumers create a spiritual connection through its use of gemstones and other materials.

What’s the Aldo Orta Jewelry address?

The company is based in Los Angeles, California.

Who is Aldo Orta Jewelry for?

The company works with anyone in need of spiritual guidance, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or for a business venture.

Who owns Aldo Orta Jewelry?

The founder, Aldo Orta, owns the company.

How much does Aldo Orta Jewelry cost?

Individuals can purchase the company’s jewelry at affordable prices. Orta’s work sells for between $200 and $1,000.

What is Aldo Orta Jewelry famous for?

The company works with famous people, such as celebrities and politicians.

Who is Aldo Orta Jewelry’s celebrity client list?

The company has worked with celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein, Cesar Millan and Kim Kardashian.

What is Aldo Orta Jewelry return policy?

Customers can return merchandise within 10 days of their purchase with a pre-paid shipping label.

What are some Aldo Orta Jewelry products?

The company sells jewelry, watches and other accessories.

Is Aldo Orta Jewelry still in business?

As of January 2022, the company was still in business, but no financial figures were available at that time.

What is Aldo Orta Jewelry warranty?

Customers can return items for repair within 30 days of purchase.

Is Aldo Orta Jewelry a large corporation?

The company is a private business that does not share information regarding its finances and size in the public domain.

How do I make payment to Aldo Orta Jewelry?

Customers can make payments via PayPal, bank transfers and cash.

Where does Aldo Orta Jewelry ship to?

The company ships to the United States, Canada, South America and Europe.


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