What Happened to Addison’s Wonderland After Shark Tank?

What is Addison’s Wonderland?

Addison’s Wonderland is a firm that specializes in customized bedspreads for children. Addison’s Wonderland was started in 2011 by Brittany Addison-Prescott, the company’s owner and designer.

There, she teaches yoga, meditation, and spiritual advice. Brittany, an “inner-strength trainer,” inspires her students and community to be destiny-directed and reclaim the power of their story.

Addison’s Wonderland is a full-service interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Addison’s Wonderland can help you design the home or location of your dreams that is as functional as it is lovely, as comfortable as it is elegant.

Who is the founder of Addison’s Wonderland?

Brittany Addison-Prescott founded Addison’s Wonderland in 2011. Anderson, McWhorter’s best friend and a former teacher, joined the firm in 2011 to manage branding and marketing.

Addison’s Wonderland is a company that sells lavish, high-end bedding for young girls. They also sell window treatments, headboards, baby items, and accessories on their website.

Customers may buy the entire set for a cohesive look, or they can buy individual pieces to complement their current décor. The designs are bold and colorful, with a little girl frill and charm tossed in for good measure.

There are numerous themes available for the bedding, including Wonderland, Sweet Pea, Mariposa, and Boho Chic. The patterns may be customized with a name or a brief personalized statement, in addition to creating a lovely area for your child’s room.

What Happened to Addison’s Wonderland at Shark Tank Pitch?

Addison’s Wonderland designs opulent bedding for young girls. Vice President Brooke Anderson Bryant and Company Founder Brittany McWhorter Hayes pitches the Sharks in Episode 416. They are looking for a Shark to help them with marketing and distribution.

Brooke Bryant and Brittany Hayes entered the Shark Tank in seeking of $90,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in their business, worth $450,000.

Which company provides high-end bedding and décor for young girls’ bedrooms? Hayes wanted to create bedding set for her daughter, Addison, so she worked with Bryant to design it.

Kevin O’Leary claims to be a “fashion-forward” Shark and wonders if the pieces can be purchased in stores. The pair was selling the bedding online.

The questions fly at them, and the girls react confidently, indicating that they understand their brand’s challenges and where the company has to go.

Their first-year sales were $130,000, but they agree with Lori Greiner that the price point for whole twin-sized bedding set should be decreased from the absurd $1,400 average.

Pricing is a point of contention for Robert Herjavec. The ladies said they want to reduce the price by 30% in order to reach a broader audience

Kevin O’Leary adds his voice to the mix. “Perhaps it isn’t meant to be a huge issue. Maybe it’s just supposed to be a profitable one, with high prices for these goods.” Lori Greiner, on the other hand, feels that “they will not survive in that manner.”

Mark Cuban believes they have found a niche, whilst Greiner believes that targeting the general retail market is the best way to grow. Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary believe that their high-end product line should be broadened.

The duo already “has the perfect business,” according to Robert Herjavec. He’s leaving because he has nothing to offer the group.

Lori Greiner likes to work on issues that have broad market appeal. She went out.

According to Daymond John, the duo does not “need” the Sharks. He exits.

Kevin O’Leary finds no distinguishing features in the product and fears that knock-offs would drive Addison’s Wonderland out of business. He also goes out.

The Sharks’ solitary survivor was Mark Cuban. He believes “there’s a market there,” but he doesn’t believe he’ll get a sufficient return on his investment. He also exits, and the owners of Addison’s Wonderland leave the Tank without a Shark deal.

What Happened to Addison’s Wonderland After Shark Tank?

Hayes and Bryant are continuing selling their high-end bedding products after their setback on Shark Tank. Addison’s Wonderland reaped the benefits of the “Shark Tank effect,” which increased traffic to the website and garnered national attention, resulting in even higher sales. Bryant stated, “This was worth a million dollars in advertising.”

For numerous years, Addison’s Wonderland was a profitable niche business; nevertheless, the company, like so many other small businesses, folded in 2014.

Hayes continued to blog on the Addison’s website while on leave from the firm. She also finished the interior design for HGTV’s Dream Home Giveaway in 2019.

The website has grown into a lifestyle and fashion platform, selling women’s and children’s apparel, pillows, rugs, lamps, kitchen equipment, and other goods.

She opened a physical business in Monroe, Georgia, in February 2019. As of January 2022, the company was still in operation, with annual revenue of $1 million.

Addison’s Wonderland’s Net Worth

During and after the pitch, the firm was valued at $450,000. Since then, the firm has been running with annual revenue of $1 million as of January 2022.

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Addison’s Wonderland FAQs

Is it recommended to buy the whole set?

No, customers do not necessarily need to purchase the entire bedding set. They may buy a few colorful pillows or a vibrant painting to add a little color to their child’s room. The choice is theirs.

Where can I buy Addison’s Wonderland products?

The bedding set is available on the company’s website, as well as Amazon. Customers may choose to buy their own Addison’s Wonderland or get the two girls to help them with designing their daughter’s bedroom.

How do I order my Addison’s Wonderland?

Customers can order their Addison’s Wonderland bedding set through the website by accessing the product page and following the instructions. Their order will be processed within five days after it has been placed.

Can I return my product?

Yes, the products are guaranteed to be free from defects, and customers can return them within 30 days following receipt of their order.

Are there any discounts available?

There are no special offers available at the moment, but customers may avail of free shipping if their order exceeds $200.

What shipping options are available?

Customers can choose between free or expedited shipping. They may also opt for the self-collection service.

Does Addison’s Wonderland offer a warranty on its products?

Customers will be able to avail of a one-year limited warranty on their product.

Is it worth investing in Addison’s Wonderland?

The bedding set is worth investing for the long term, as the growth potential of their business is huge.

Is it easy to sell products on Addison’s Wonderland?

Customers may easily sell their products through the website by uploading their pictures, listing them on Addison’s Wonderland, and selling them. They will have to contact the girls through their email address and seek their help if they want to become an authorized seller.

What is Addison’s Wonderland warranty?

Addison’s Wonderland has a one-year limited warranty on its products. They will have to contact the girls through their email address in order to avail of their services.

How many colors does Addison’s Wonderland make?

Customers will be able to choose from a variety of colors to personalize their room. The color palette includes, but is not limited to, black, white, blue, green, orange and yellow. They may also opt for pastel colors such as light pink or light blue.


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