What Happened to Abii Robot After Shark Tank?

What is Abii Robot?

Abii Robot is a toy robot that may be programmed to do a variety of activities. Laura Boccanfuso, the CEO and Founder of Abii Robot, has been at home with her three children for over a decade.

Laura enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Computer Science and Robotics at the University of South Carolina when her children were old enough to care for themselves.

Throughout her PhD studies, Laura used her experience working with children to learn about robotics and their potential impact on learning.

Abii Robot is a lot of fun, and it’s quite simple to program. They also love experimenting with the numerous methods to make games using it.

When they compare Abii to Spheres, they frequently highlight how much more durable this robot is than other robots like it, because many children have fallen their Spheres and broken their toy within minutes of receiving them.

Who is Abii Robot’s creator?

Abii Robot’s CEO and Founder, Laura Boccanfuso, Laura launched the company in 2016 with the intention of inventing and constructing robots to help youngsters with learning disabilities.

She has a Ph.D. in engineering and computer science, with a focus on socially supportive robots.

Abii was first designed for children with specific learning disabilities, but it rapidly became clear that it could aid any student struggling with math.

The robot combines a specialized math curriculum with artificial intelligence; it is capable of identifying and redirecting a child who is not paying attention.

It really collects and analyzes data from each kid with whom it interacts, and then uses that knowledge to “teach” in a way that results in the highest proportion of children succeeding.

Laura conducted three sets of exams to Abii in a dozen schools with a total enrolment of 700 students. Students who worked with Abii increased their test scores by 34%.

Teachers can use it to help students who are slipping behind complete “catch-up” exercises without devoting too much classroom time.

The robot sits on the student’s desk and interacts with pupils in arithmetic teaching via its accompanying, Wi-Fi-enabled software.

Furthermore, 700 represent the number of robots she has sold since the company’s beginning. The device was first sold for $999 to schools and after-school programs for use by an unlimited number of youngsters.

A $599 home version that can accommodate up to three children is now available. She intended to sell 3000 more units in 2020, but we all know how this year has begun. Van Robotics, the company that makes Abii, has raised $1 million in venture capital.

What Happened to Abii Robot During The Shark Tank Pitch?

Laura sought the Shark Tank investors for help in moving her business to the next level after the firm that makes Abii, Van Robotics, and secured $1 million in venture finance.

Laura entered the Shark Tank looking for $300,000 for a 10% stake in her company, which worth $3 million.

While the Sharks are pleased by her business and robot demonstration, they are concerned.

Laura mostly sells to schools, and she claims to have sold 700 robots since the company’s beginning. The device was first supplied to schools and after-school programs for $999 and could be used by an infinite number of kids.

She stated that a $599 home version that can accommodate up to three children is currently available. In 2020, she wanted to sell an additional 3000 units.

Several Sharks have sought to join the education industry and have run against serious barriers. Furthermore, they are concerned that it is too early and that all of the Sharks will abandon the agreement. Laura exits the pitch without a deal.

What happened to Abii Robot after he was rejected by Shark Tank?

Despite the fact that the pitch did not result in a partnership with the Sharks, the firm launched a completely new website in June 2020. While the new website still focuses on schools, it is more tailored toward parents.

Because the Covid-19 pandemic occurred during the airing of this episode, their sales may have surged as a result of parents’ homeschooling their children.

The company was voted the Best Invention of 2020 by Time Magazine. The firm is growing and has a $4 million yearly revenue as of June 2021.

They are also looking for funding through Start Engine. Abii conducted “a pilot with four schools, claiming that 67 percent of kids improved by 34 percent after only three sessions with the robot,” according to that website.

Following their achievement, the Department of Education offered them a grant to deploy their robots in 16 school districts serving over 1,000 kids.

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Abii Robot’s net worth

The firm was valued at $3 million during and after the pitch, and since then, the company has produced a lot of sales, with revenue of $4 million in 2021.

Abii Robot FAQs

How much does Abii Robot cost?

The robot is sold for $999.

How many children can Abii Robot accommodate?

It can hold up to an unlimited number of children in a single device, and it has the capability of accommodating multiple users at once.

What are the educational methods used by Abii Robot?

The robot uses various innovative education methods, such as virtual reality, mesmerism and reactive programming, which add a fun factor to learning that most students don’t get out of the classroom.

How many children are taught each hour?

The robot teaches an unlimited number of children at once, and the software is capable of analyzing data from dozens of students simultaneously.

How long can the robot are used for?

It can work without interruption for hours on end. There is no limit to how long it can be used daily.

How does this robot communicate with its users?

The machine communicates with users through cloud-based software that can be accessed on a tablet or laptop computer. It also speaks for itself.

What is the robot software’s capacity?

Since the robot functions on cloud-based software, its memory and processing capacity are virtually unlimited.

Does this robot operate under human control?

No human controls this robot.

How does Abii Robot work?

The robot is web-connected, so it can function without human limitations. It is capable of reacting to the educational performance of each individual user. It then assigns several different exercises, based on its algorithm, and redirects students who are not paying attention back to the lesson.

How does this robot differ from an ordinary tutor?

The educational methods used by Abii Robot and an ordinary tutor are nearly identical. However, this robot is capable of analyzing data from dozens of students at once, which a tutor cannot manage.

Do I need to charge Abii Robot?

Before teaching, the robot needs to be charged for about 12 hours. After being charged, it can work for several hours without interruption.

What is cPanel?

CPanel is a web-based control panel used by Abii to manage its programs and content easily. It also provides access to the company’s servers and sites.

What is the target age of Abii Robot?

The target age of the robot varies by user. Some are in their teens, while others are in their senior years.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is software that creates an artificial world that looks real. It allows users to interact with it in the same manner as if they were really present in that world. It can be used to simulate musical instruments or even communicate with people across the world.

Does Abii Robot use virtual reality?

The robot can use virtual reality, but it doesn’t do so by default.

What are the school districts that Abii Robot works with?

The robot is currently tested in four schools within California, but it has plans to expand its reach across the country soon.

How does reactive programming work?

Reactive programming adds a logical element that allows the user to learn at his own pace, while also doing hundreds of repetitions. It also adjusts itself based on the users’ performance.

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