What Happened to 180 Cup After Shark Tank?

What is the 180 Cup?

The 180 Cup is a one-of-a-kind and interesting disposable party cup that will make any house party or barbecue night a breeze.

The 180 Cup is a common disposable cup that you may have seen at a variety of home and business gatherings. The 180 cup, on the other hand, is only slightly bigger than a typical party cup.

Solomon Fallas is the inventor of the well-known 180 Cup. When he found himself having to wait for beverages for an extended amount of time due to a shortage of standard glasses, he came up with the idea for 180 Cup.

The 180 Cup may be used as both a beer cup and a glass for strong cocktails. As a result, it is referred to as the two-in-one cup.

Solomon created the clever 180 cup, often known as “The New Red Cup,” which has become the go-to product for every house party in the country.

Since the introduction of 180 cups, traditional glasses and beer mugs have given way to 180 cups at every gathering.

Who is the founded of 180 Cup?

Solomon Fallas is the creator and creator of the popular 180 Cup. When he found himself having to wait for beverages for an extended amount of time due to a shortage of standard glasses, he came up with the idea for 180 Cup.

180 Cup was inspired by entrepreneur Solomon Fallas’s frequent attendance at college keg parties when more than a few shots were drank.

180 Cup takes the traditional red keg cup and flips it upside down. It seems to be a typical red disposable cup until you turn it upside down, revealing a “shot glass” constructed into the underside of the cup.

The concept is that you can do a shot and drink a beer in the same cup, but not both at the same time!

Falls wants 180 Cup to be known as “The New Red Cup,” a mainstay at frat and keg parties across the country. He took great care in designing his device so that it did not interfere with beer pong or flip cup.

What Happened to 180 Cup’s pitch on Shark Tank?

180 Cup brings a little bit of the frat house into the Shark Tank in Season 5 Episode 7. Falls is looking for a Shark to help with distribution or a license agreement.

Solomon entered the Shark Tank pitch seeking for $300,000 for a 15% ownership in his firm, which valued at $2 million.

He displays the 180 Cup and tells the story before asking, “Who wants to take a shot with me?” He’s sold roughly 5 million pieces in the last six months, making $385,000 in sales.

The cup is sold at over 500 stores. Falls employs college students to market to stores in university communities. He uses Craigslist and other media to find college students and pays them on commission.

Solomon hands out the cups and informs everyone that they are the same price as the regular red cup.

Daymond makes an initial offer of $300,000 for 20% equity shares and anticipates an instantaneous response. As a new business source, he anticipates licensing to schools, breweries, and sports organizations.

Falls comes to a halt, and Daymond threatens to revoke the offer. Mr. Wonderful was eager to learn more. Because Solomon waffles, Mark Cuban feels he was mad. Lori follows Daymond out.

Mark Cuban was big fan of the idea of a collegiate network, but Solomon only has a 1% market share. Lori doesn’t think it’s for her, so she exits.

Mark adores marketing, but the product is too niche for him, so he’s out. JP DeJoria went out because he lacks enthusiasm. Kevin also went out.

Daymond chastises him for declining his offer. Solomon attempts to encourage Daymond to reconsider, but Daymond insists on a response.

Solomon replies with $300,000 for 23% equity shares, Daymond counters with 30% equity shares, they agree on 25% equity shares, and exits the pitch with a deal.

What Happened to 180 Cup After Shark Tank?

When Fallas left the pitch with a deal, Daymond’s deal was finalized, but that didn’t stop John from re-entering the arena and finally ripping a piece out of the 180 Cup business.

Since then, sales have skyrocketed like the mysterious odor in a frat house, and Solomon Falls is laughing all the way to the bank.

The 180 Cups are now available at big shops like Walmart. 180 Cups may be spotted anywhere college students are getting ready to party.

For these refined partygoers, filthy shot glasses are no longer an option. Because of a Shark Tank deal, they have their practical two-in-one cups.

A few years later, Solomon expanded his business, and he and Daymond parted ways. The complete information may be found on the Beyond the Tank episode 202 update pages.

Fallas presently works as an account executive at Collective Soles, a sock and hosiery firm that collapsed in December 2016.

180 Cup Net Worth

During the pitch, the firm was valued at $2 million; following Daymond’s investment, the company was valued at $1.2 million. Since then, the firm has gone out of business, and so the corporate net value is unavailable.

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180 Cup FAQs

What was 180 Cup made of?

The 180 Cup was a disposable party cup that may be used as both a beer cup and as a glass for strong cocktails. The inner walls of the 180 cup were lined with acrylic, making them strong enough to stand up to many uses.

Is the 180 Cup still in business?

After the Shark Tank appearance, sales soared, and the 180 Cup became one of the biggest deals of all time. However, after Solomon Fallas and Daymond John parted ways, it looks like the company has gone out of business.

How many cups will the 180 Cup hold?

180 Cups can hold up to 10 drinks, depending on the size of each drink. As a result, you could have one 180 Cup (2 drinks) for yourself and then have one for your friend as well.

How was 180 Cup work?

180 Cup was shaped and designed like a typical red cup, which is used at many parties. The only difference was that the bottom of the 180 Cup contained a smaller cup (shot glass) that could be inverted and used for other beverages as well.

How much was 180 Cup?

The price for a 180 Cup varied from college shop to college shop. The best prices were usually found at the biggest shops, such as Wal-Mart.

Was 180 Cup a scam?

Although the 180 Cup looks like a cheap gimmick, the product actually tries to address a real problem in society. The majority of partygoers use two separate cups when consuming beer and shots, and this can be dangerous.

How many colleges carry 180 Cup?

The 180 Cup has gone on sale at universities across the country. As a result, they’re sold at just about any college campus in the country.

Is 180 Cup sold out?

The 180 Cup may be difficult to find every now and then. However, the company has expanded its distribution, and it’s available at many big retail shops, such as Wal-Mart.

Where is 180 Cup manufactured?

180 Cups were manufactured in Costa Rica by a large firm known as “Deco Corporation”. However, this information was found on the Wikipedia page for Deco Corporation. In reality, there is no proof that Deco Corp manufactured the product or that this information is correct.

How did 180 Cup get started?

Solomon Fallas got the idea for 180 Cups following his experience at a university party. As he was drinking alcohol, he noticed that many of the other partygoers were consuming alcohol in separate cups to avoid spilling, and this inspired him to create his innovative product.

How did 180 Cup get its name?

The name “180 Cup” refers to the fact that many people will drink two separate alcoholic beverages during a party.

What 180 Cup shipping policy?

The 180 Cup only ships to locations in the United States and Canada.

What was 180 Cup return policy?

There was no return policy for 180 Cups.

Does 180 Cup offer a money back guarantee?

Although the 180 Cup is a disposable item, there was no money back guarantee for returning items that were purchased.

Was 180 Cup environmental friendly?

The 180 Cup was a disposable item, which is why the company decided to manufacture this product in Costa Rica. In addition, the products of 180 Cups were eco-friendly, which is why many college students prefer to use these cups.

Was 180 Cup recycling?

As a disposable item, the 180 Cup did not offer any type of recycling program for old items.

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