Welcome to my article where I will be discussing the diverse brand ownership of Kellogg’s, an American multinational food manufacturing company. Kellogg’s, formerly known as Kellanova, has an impressive portfolio of brands and subsidiaries that contribute to its global presence. In this section, I will highlight some of the notable companies owned by Kellogg’s, showcasing its commitment to providing a wide range of products to consumers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kellogg’s owns a diverse portfolio of brands and subsidiaries.
  • Notable acquisitions include Rxbar, Pringles, Parati Group, and Kashi.
  • The company has a dedicated cereal division with popular brands like Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes.
  • Kellogg’s snack division includes well-known brands like Cheez-It, Pringles, and Pop-Tarts.
  • Kellogg’s has made strategic moves into the plant-based foods market with brands like MorningStar Farms.

Kellogg’s Cereal Division

Kellogg’s has a dedicated cereal division that focuses on producing and marketing a wide variety of breakfast cereals. With a rich history in the cereal business, Kellogg’s has become a household name known for its iconic cereal brands.

Kellogg’s Cereal Brands

Some of the popular Kellogg’s cereal brands include Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, and Cocoa Pops. These brands have been enjoyed by families for generations, offering delicious and nutritious options to start the day.

Market Presence and Sales

The cereal division plays a significant role in Kellogg’s overall business, generating substantial sales and revenue for the company. While the cereal market has faced challenges in recent years, such as changing consumer preferences and competition from other breakfast options, Kellogg’s continues to adapt and innovate to meet the demands of its consumers.

Through continuous research and development, Kellogg’s has introduced new cereal flavors and variations to cater to different tastes and dietary needs. By staying relevant and responsive to consumer trends, Kellogg’s cereal division remains a critical component of the company’s brand portfolio.

Cereal Brand Market Share Annual Sales
Rice Krispies 15% $500 million
Corn Flakes 12% $400 million
Frosted Flakes 10% $350 million
Cocoa Pops 8% $300 million

Table: Market Share and Annual Sales of Select Kellogg’s Cereal Brands

Kellogg’s Snack Division

Kellogg’s snack division is a prominent part of the company’s diverse brand portfolio. With a focus on producing and marketing a wide range of snacks, Kellogg’s offers delicious and convenient options for consumers to enjoy on the go. The snack division includes popular brands like Cheez-It crackers, Pringles potato chips, and Pop-Tarts, which have become household favorites across the United States.

Snacks have become increasingly important in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, and Kellogg’s recognizes the need to cater to consumers’ preferences for indulgent and convenient snacking options. The snack division has been a major driver of growth and revenue for the company, contributing significantly to Kellogg’s overall success. With a combination of product innovation and strategic acquisitions, Kellogg’s continues to expand its snack portfolio and meet the changing needs of its customers.

Delicious and Diverse Snack Brands

Kellogg’s snack division offers a wide variety of snack brands that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether it’s the savory crunch of Cheez-It crackers, the irresistible flavors of Pringles potato chips, or the satisfying sweetness of Pop-Tarts, Kellogg’s snacks have something for everyone.

These brands provide consumers with a range of options to satisfy their snacking cravings, from traditional classics to innovative new flavors. With a commitment to quality and taste, Kellogg’s continues to deliver delicious snacks that bring joy to people’s lives.

Snack Brands Popular Products Market Presence
Cheez-It Original, White Cheddar, Extra Toasty Widely available in supermarkets and convenience stores
Pringles Original, Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ Global presence, popular in over 140 countries
Pop-Tarts Strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Frosted S’mores Recognized as a breakfast and snack staple in households

Through continuous innovation and a commitment to meeting consumers’ snacking desires, Kellogg’s snack division remains a key player in the competitive snack market. With its diverse range of brands and products, Kellogg’s continues to bring joy to snack-lovers everywhere.

Kellogg’s Plant-Based Foods

As consumers increasingly opt for plant-based alternatives, Kellogg’s has recognized the need to expand its offerings in this growing market. One of the key brands in Kellogg’s plant-based portfolio is MorningStar Farms. This brand is known for its wide range of plant-based meat alternatives, including burgers, sausages, and chicken substitutes. By acquiring MorningStar Farms, Kellogg’s has positioned itself as a leader in the plant-based food industry.

The demand for Kellogg’s plant-based products reflects the shifting preferences of consumers who are seeking more sustainable and ethical food choices. With a commitment to providing diverse food options, Kellogg’s recognizes the importance of catering to the evolving needs of its customers. The plant-based market is expanding rapidly, and Kellogg’s is actively investing in this sector to meet the demand for plant-based alternatives.

Through strategic acquisitions and product development, Kellogg’s is able to offer a variety of delicious plant-based options to its customers. This not only aligns with the company’s values but also allows it to tap into a lucrative and growing market. Kellogg’s dedication to plant-based foods reinforces its position as a forward-thinking company that listens to its consumers and adapts to changing trends.


What companies does Kellogg’s own?

Kellogg’s owns a diverse portfolio of brands and subsidiaries, including Rxbar, Pringles, Parati Group, Ritmo Investimentos, and Kashi, among others.

What are some popular Kellogg’s cereal brands?

Some popular Kellogg’s cereal brands include Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, and Cocoa Pops.

What are some popular Kellogg’s snack brands?

Some popular Kellogg’s snack brands include Cheez-It crackers, Pringles potato chips, and Pop-Tarts.

Does Kellogg’s offer plant-based food options?

Yes, Kellogg’s owns MorningStar Farms, a brand known for its plant-based meat alternatives such as burgers, sausages, and chicken substitutes.

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