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Andre Drummond is a renowned American professional basketball player who has made a name for himself in the NBA. Known for his exceptional skills and towering presence on the court, Drummond has gained immense popularity and success throughout his career. In this article, we will delve into his personal life, professional journey, and various aspects that have contributed to his rise to stardom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Andre Drummond is an American professional basketball player.
  • He is currently not married and prefers to keep his personal life private.
  • Drummond has had past relationships with American actress Jennette McCurdy and American model Candice Brooks.
  • He has a net worth of $40 million and earns a salary of $22.12 million per year.
  • Drummond’s career highlights include playing for the Detroit Pistons and representing the United States in international basketball competitions.

Early Life and Education

Andre Drummond was born on August 10, 1993, in Mount Vernon, New York. He hails from a Jamaican background, with his parents instilling a strong work ethic and a passion for sports. His mother, Christine Cameron, played a significant role in shaping his love for basketball. Andre also has a younger sister named Ariana Drummond.

During his early years, Andre attended Capital Preparatory Magnet School, where he honed his skills on the basketball court. Recognizing his potential, he transferred to St. Thomas More, a renowned basketball-focused school in Connecticut. At St. Thomas More, Andre continued to develop his game, drawing attention from college recruiters.

Eventually, he committed to play college basketball for the University of Connecticut. During his time at UConn, Andre showcased his talent and athleticism, gaining recognition as a dominant force on the court. His performance at the collegiate level caught the attention of NBA scouts, and he decided to forgo his remaining eligibility to enter the professional ranks of basketball.

Brief H3: Early Life and Education

Andre Drummond’s early life was shaped by his Jamaican heritage and the influence of his parents. He attended Capital Preparatory Magnet School and later transferred to St. Thomas More, where he continued to develop his basketball skills. He went on to play for the University of Connecticut before entering the NBA.

Professional Career in Basketball

Andre Drummond’s professional basketball career has been marked by his exceptional skills and contributions to the sport. After showcasing his talent in school and college basketball, Drummond was drafted by the Detroit Pistons as the 9th overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. This marked the beginning of a successful journey in the NBA.

Throughout his career, Drummond has displayed an impressive ability to dominate the court. Known for his powerful rebounds and defensive prowess, he has established himself as one of the top centers in the league. Drummond’s presence on the court is felt through his strong offensive game, shot-blocking ability, and overall versatility.

Drummond’s dedication and hard work have earned him recognition and numerous accolades. He has been named an NBA All-Star multiple times, highlighting his impact on the game. In addition to his achievements in the NBA, Drummond has represented the United States in international competitions, including the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

“I’ve always had a passion for basketball, and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to play at the highest level. My goal is to continue growing as a player and contribute to the success of my team,” Drummond said in an interview.

Highlights of Andre Drummond’s Career

Year Team Achievement
2012 Detroit Pistons NBA All-Rookie Second Team
2016 Detroit Pistons NBA All-Star
2018 Detroit Pistons NBA rebounding leader
2019 Detroit Pistons NBA All-Star
2020 Detroit Pistons NBA All-Star

Drummond’s impact on the game goes beyond his individual achievements. He has been a key player for the Detroit Pistons, contributing to the team’s success and helping them qualify for the NBA playoffs. His leadership and commitment to the sport have made him a respected figure within the basketball community.

As Drummond continues his basketball journey, fans and fellow players alike are excited to witness his ongoing growth and future accomplishments.

Salary and Net Worth

When it comes to Andre Drummond’s financial standing, he is definitely not lacking. With a net worth of $40 million, he has achieved considerable success in his basketball career. Drummond’s impressive salary adds to his wealth, earning a hefty $22.12 million per year. This substantial income can be attributed to his skills and contributions as a professional NBA player, as well as various endorsement deals with renowned brands like Nike, AT&T, and Gillette.

Drummond’s lucrative contracts and endorsements have enabled him to amass a considerable fortune, making him one of the wealthiest players in the basketball industry. His financial success is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. Beyond his on-court performance, Drummond’s ability to secure significant endorsement deals further demonstrates his marketability and appeal to both fans and sponsors.

With a net worth of $40 million, Andre Drummond has undoubtedly secured his financial future. His impressive salary and endorsement deals speak to his value as a player and public figure. As he continues to excel in his basketball career, it’s likely that his net worth will continue to grow, solidifying his status as one of the highest-earning athletes in the NBA.

Net Worth Salary
$40 million $22.12 million per year

Personal Life and Relationships

Andre Drummond’s personal life has been a topic of interest for many fans and the media. Despite his generally private nature, he has had a few high-profile relationships that have garnered attention. One notable relationship was with American actress Jennette McCurdy, known for her role in the TV show “iCarly.” The couple dated for about a year in 2013 before parting ways.

Following his breakup with McCurdy, Drummond was in a relationship with American model Candice Brooks in 2015. However, details about their relationship are scarce, as Drummond prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye. Currently, there is no information about his present relationship status.

It is evident that Drummond prioritizes his privacy and focuses more on his basketball career. He keeps a low profile when it comes to his personal life and love life, allowing him to concentrate on his professional endeavors. His dedication to his career has earned him a strong reputation in the NBA.

Andre Drummond’s Relationships:

Partner Duration
Jennette McCurdy 2013
Candice Brooks 2015

Physical Measurements

When it comes to physical attributes, Andre Drummond stands tall at an impressive height of 6 feet 10 inches. His towering presence on the basketball court is undoubtedly one of his greatest assets. Weighing in at 127 kg, Drummond possesses a strong and solid build, allowing him to dominate in the paint.

With his striking black hair and deep black eyes, Drummond carries an air of intensity both on and off the court. His powerful physique and commanding presence make him a force to be reckoned with in the NBA.

While there is no available information about his shoe size and dress size, it is clear that Andre Drummond’s physical measurements play a significant role in his success as a professional basketball player. His impressive height, weight, and athletic build contribute to his ability to dominate the game and make him a formidable opponent on the court.

It is worth noting that Drummond’s physical measurements are just one part of his overall skill set as a basketball player. His dedication, hard work, and passion for the game have also played crucial roles in his success throughout his career.

Social Media Presence

Andre Drummond maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms serve as a means for him to connect with his fans and share updates about his career and personal life.

On Facebook, Andre Drummond has amassed a significant following, with over 469k followers. He regularly engages with his fans through posts, photos, and videos, giving them a glimpse into his life on and off the basketball court.

As for Twitter, Drummond has an impressive following of 816.4k followers. He uses this platform to share his thoughts, insights, and interact with fans. His tweets often revolve around basketball-related topics and occasionally provide a peek into his personal life.

On Instagram, Andre Drummond boasts a substantial following of 1.2 million fans. This platform allows him to showcase his lifestyle through visually appealing photos and videos. From his basketball highlights to glimpses of his daily activities, Drummond keeps his fans engaged and entertained.


Is Andre Drummond married?

No, Andre Drummond is currently not married and is single.

Who has Andre Drummond dated in the past?

Andre Drummond has been in relationships with American actress Jennette McCurdy and American model Candice Brooks.

Does Andre Drummond have any children?

There is no available information about Andre Drummond having any children.

What is Andre Drummond’s net worth?

Andre Drummond has a net worth of $40 million as of 2022.

What is Andre Drummond’s salary?

Andre Drummond’s salary is $22.12 million per year.

Does Andre Drummond have any endorsements?

Yes, Andre Drummond has endorsement deals with brands like Nike, AT&T, and Gillette.

Is Andre Drummond active on social media?

Yes, Andre Drummond is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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